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Durable Picanol Loom Spare Parts Filter Element For Picanol Omni B163138

Durable Picanol Loom Spare Parts Filter Element For Picanol Omni B163138

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    Filter Element
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    As Picture Show
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    1000pcs per month

Durable Picanol Loom Spare Parts Filter Element For Picanol Omni B163138

Type: Textile spare parts      Loom: Picanol

Name:Picanol loom parts Filter element for Picanol Omni B163138

Part No: B163138


We provide a wide range of Picanol loom spare parts, especially Rapier looms for GAMMA, GTM, GTM-AS, OPTIMAX and etc. The replacement spares offered by us are manufactured by superior quality raw material in accordance with textile industry standards, with an excellent performance comparable with original parts. So far we have supplied our Picanol spares throughout the world, and we will continue research and development in the field of textile machinery spare parts and extend our product range.

GTM & GTM-AS spare parts including: gripper base, protecting plate, protecting rod, gripper opener, rapier gripper wheel, guide hook, waste edge cutter, weft cutter, selvedge cutter, movable cutter, fixed cutter, heel block, yarn guide hook and etc.

GAMMA spare parts including: waste selvage cutter and parts, selvage device parts, weft selector parts, release gear device and parts, guide hook, lubrication piece, tension bar, yarn sley, connecting block, spring and screw, baffle, releasing plate, yarn plate, heel block, cooling block, cover plate, gasket, rapier gripper tape, rapier drive wheel, slide, encoder, cutter motor, weft selector motor, selvedge device motor, keypad, display panel, clutch magnet, sleeve, temple stand, weft sensor, filter, and etc.

OPTIMAX spare parts: weft cutter and parts, fixed weft cutter, movable weft cutter, releasing plate, baffle, cover plate, guide hook, rapier drive wheel, rapier gripper tape and etc.