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PU P7100 Sulzer Spare Parts Complete Smooth 1000G Without Normal 911-812-251

PU P7100 Sulzer Spare Parts Complete Smooth 1000G Without Normal 911-812-251

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    sulzer projectile looms spare parts


    sulzer machine parts

  • Material
  • Colour
    As Prodct Show
  • Weight
  • Name
    Sulzer Projectile
  • Model
  • Size
    2.2*3 2.2*4 3.8*5
  • Part Number
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
    911-812-251 JW-S002
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    1pcs in small plastic and 10pcs in small box
  • Delivery Time
    Stock available
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T, Western Union
  • Supply Ability
    1000pcs per month

PU P7100 Sulzer Spare Parts Complete Smooth 1000G Without Normal 911-812-251

Machinery: Sulzer projectile loom   Used: All kinds of projectile loom. Model: P7100,PUD1/D2,TW11
Part Number:911-812-251

Xi’an JW Import & Export Co.,Ltd has gathered the best textile spare parts manufacturers, aiming to be the leading supplier of loom spare parts, dobby spare parts, jacquard spare parts and other textile spares and services for the China textile manufacturing industry.
Sulzer Projectile main spare parts: Projectile compelte,gripper,body,Projectile feeder ES,Projectiel feeder plate,RH-opener ES,Projectile feeder link,special rivet,special screw,Bush,RH_lever, Projectile feeder MS,Upper and lower gripper,RH_bar,RH-opener,Nut,Centering blade ,Weft end gripper,,Weft end gripper body,Tucking needle,Picking shoe,Picking link,Picking lever,Projectile returner,Slide plate,
FAS opener, Scissor, Roller,Brake band,Projectile lifter,Camplate, Projectile lifter upper part,Projectile guide block ES,Upper guide ,Expellor fork,Selector,Oil level glass with O-ring,Pinion shaft Z=13,Cutting device with scissors driven FA/SU,KSA shaft,Handle,Temple,Brake lining,Switch wheel Hub 28/25, Wrap beam bearing FA/SU,Ratchet 2:60,Tennex pin,Dolla,Globoid wheel Z=48,Chanin wheel,Clutch lining,Camdisc 40,Work gear,Spring conveyor,Steel healds,eyelet,angle disk,Dumpig bush,Weft tension lever,guide tooth block,sensor etc.

JW NOPart NameDescriptionOriginal NoUnit weight
JW-S001Projectile D1Smooth 2.2*3 10N/1000GR(without.normal)911-812-21140G
Smooth 2.2*3 10N/1000GR(without.light)911-812-20136G
Smooth 2.2*3 19N/1900GR(orange.normal)911-812-21240G
Smooth 2.2*3 19N/1900GR(orange.light)911-812-20236G
Smooth 2.2*3 22N/2200GR(white.normal)911-812-21340G
Smooth 2.2*3 22N/2200GR(white.light)911-812-20336G
With groove 2.2*3 22N/2200GR(white.normal)911-812-21440G
With groove 2.2*3 22N/2200GR(white.light)911.812-20436G
With groove 2.2*3 25N/2500GR(light blue.normal)911-812-21540G
With groove 2.2*3 25N/2500GR(light blue.light)911-812-20536G
Groove 2.2*3 25N/2500GR(light blue.normal)911-812-21640G
Groove 2.2*3 25N/2500GR(light blue.light)911-812-20636G
Undulated 2.2*3 25N/2500GR(light blue.normal)911-812-21740G
Diamond Knurled 2.2*3 25N/2500GR(light blue.normal)911-812-21840G
Diamond Knurled 2.2*3 25N/2500GR(light blue.light)911-812-20836G
JW-S002Projectile D12Smooth 2.2*4 10N/1000GR(without.normal)911-812-251 911-812-34636G
Smooth 2.2*4 22N/2200GR(white.light)911-812-198 911-812-34536G
Smooth 2.2*4 22N/2200GR(white.normal)911-812-02740G
With groove 2.2*4 22N/2200GR(white.normal)911-812-05140G
With groove 2.2*4 22N/2200GR(white.light)911-812-19936G
With groove 2.2*4 22N/2200GR(light blue.normal)911-812-37440G
With groove 2.2*4 25N/2500GR(light blue.light)911-812-25236G
With groove 3.8*5 25N/2500GR(light blue.light)911-812-28636G
Groove 2.2*4 25N/2500GR(light blue.normal)911-812-08740G
Groove 2.2*4 30N/3000GR(brown.normal)911-812-15640G
Groove 2.2*4 25N/2500GR(light blue.light)911-812-19236G
Groove 3.8*5 25N/2500GR(light blue.light)911-812-28936G
Undulated 3.8*5 25N/2500GR(light blue.light)911-812-29136G
Undulated 3.8*5 30N/3000GR(brown.light)911-812-35936G
Diamond Knurled 2.2*4 25N/2500GR(light blue.normal)911-812-08940G
Diamond Knurled 2.2*4 25N/2500GR(light blue.light)911-812-19436G
Diamond Knurled 2.2*4 22N/2200GR(white.light)911-812-25336G
Diamond Knurled 3.8*5 22N/2200GR(white.light)911-812-28736G
Diamond Knurled 3.8*5 22N/2200GR(light blue.light)911-812-28836G
JW-S003Projectile D2Smooth 22N/2200GR(white.normal)911-812-10860G
Grooved 22N/2200GR(white.normal)911-812-10560G
Grooved 25N/2500GR(light blue.normal)911-812-10660G
Grooved 30N/3000GR(brown.normal)911-812-10760G
Undulated 22N/2200GR(white.normal)911-812-07460G
Undulated 25N/2500GR(light blue.normal)911-812-07560G
Undulated 30N/3000GR(brown.normal)911-812-07660G
Diamond knurled 22N/2200GR(white.normal)911-812-14360G
Diamond knurled 25N/2500GR(light blue.normal)911-812-14560G